Distinguish between Rap music and Hip hop music

First of all, Rap  is not  actually a traditional music, it is more like singing, but is paced talking. Hip hop is the genre and  the name of the culture which is around that. All the rappers who drop the microphone are hip hop. If you even are a  little motivated to search for something, there is  just different kinds of Hip hop singers and artist. All the G-rappers are Hip hop . All the gospel rappers, mafioso rappers hardcore rappers… G-funk rappers, trap  and etc etc and normal rappers are also Hip hop Music.

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Hiphop is the life and basis of someone who calls hims self dope rapper. When you talk about the hip hop rap music it is just a spoken language that is coined to term for hiphop music. If you try to say there is difference it is like you are removing the ream of a wheel of the music’s softness and aggression that has no divider and quality.

At the end of the day it is the same old hip hop music after all.

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Berfore, the word “hiphop” originated in the disco raps during the end of the 1960’s and actually generally started during the 1970’s. After that the name came into the scene. You have to be pretty hillbilly if you think there is a genre name for hiphop/rap.

Rap is still what comes from your head to heart to your mouth. When the rhyming with spitted words that has a beat that makes a music nice. Hiphop is a culture that contains the beauty of acapella, rapcore, beatbux, turntablism, dance and a lot more.