How to write a Good Rap Song

First of all writing a Good rap song is like making a poem. The difference is the former is more savage and less dramatic. First of the list is that you have to tight lyrics. You have to get to have good lyrics and you have got to be talking about something.

Hip Hop, Dancer, Street Dance, Hip-Hop, Breakdance I mean just putting a whole bunch of rhymes after rhyme after rhyme doesn’t necessarily make it a good rap song. There has got to be a story line on it, you have got to be saying, something and have a direction and start some place and have a determination of where you are going at the same time also have the thought of where you want to conclude at and the same time you should have break downs of a real good rap song should take you on a ride.

You should be able to close your eyes and actually visualize and go there with the person you want to make sure that you can hit on topics that not just you but other people can relate to as well so that people feel  you  and what you are writing and what you express and get through. At the same time there are those personal rap songs that you may write that you come from within that are just expressions of how you should feel. So when it comes to writing a good rap song is passionate about what you write and be sincere and don’t just write.