Difference of Emcee and Rappers and impact to Hip hop Culture

Emceee is a creative lyrical poet genius whose style has the  ebbs and flows. They create picture’s in the minds of people who listens on them. They are using creative verbal skills & the ability to tell a story from start to finish in expressive intellectual manner so it can be clearly understood. Rap does not do that, it’s a child nursery rhyme for infantile minds, the purpose of rap to mute the brain. A phase or word in rap can b said ova 50 times without telling a story. That’s the big difference Emcee’s Educate, Rap keeps you a nursery.

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Meanwhile, a rapper is anyone who raps, they could be good or bad, positive or negative. If he/she is talking on beat(rapping) then is a rapper. an MC is a technically brilliant rapper, in terms of flow, lyricism and charisma. not every MC has to be some uplifting preacher as you know.

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Hip Hop suffers these days from the bypassing of interest in its heritage, we ‘all’ had a healthy reverence at one time, now there seems to be a generation gap, I think its natural tho and life experience resolves it a bit, most learn the importance, just a shame some make such a global ass of themselves before it kicks in, Hip Hop’s a funky coat that anyone can look good in but many made that coat so enjoy it but remember that.