Author: Kurt

Ten useful applications for a songwriter

Tools are very important when you will create or build something. An example in a physical construction site you need tools like drill, hammer, and nails when building a room. It is also the same when you write a song. Some people have the talent and just do their own writing without any help from […]

Distinguish between Rap music and Hip hop music

First of all, Rap  is not  actually a traditional music, it is more like singing, but is paced talking. Hip hop is the genre and  the name of the culture which is around that. All the rappers who drop the microphone are hip hop. If you even are a  little motivated to search for something, […]

A useful guide in teaching music to pre-schoolers

Teaching music to kids is a very great way to let them be able to have a joyful, fun and educational learning. Kids sometimes are unpredictable so they are not easy to please. But for sure music is one of the best things that they will love in school and want to be involved in. […]

Featuring the traditional Mongolian music

Music is unique to a country or group of people. As people learn and develop music, they began to create their own sounds and melody. Now we can witness many genres of music. Some genre has just existed for a certain time and then disappear. Other genres have stayed until this time and survived. They […]

Music: A way to relaxation and good sleep

Music coverage is wide and diverse. It is undeniable that music has a strong influence on the life of the human race. You may have many times experiences how music can change your mood, decision, and direction. Music is a very unique that science cannot explain why music is there. The sure fact is that music is […]

Contemporary dancing tips for beginners

Dancing can be learned at any ages. Even if there are advantages of starting to dance at a young age but if you want to start even at the late time of your life it is okay. You can choose from any kind of dance what you want to learn. You can attend dance classes […]

Download Your Favorite Songs With These Top Tips

Music is one of entertainment. There are many avenues people use to access to your favorite music.One thing that is popular ways is to download music files from an Internet website. If you need some help to make the process easier or more enjoyable, keep reading to learn all about it. Be careful of which […]

Tap dance short introduction and illustration

There are many kinds of dance on this earth as there are many races also. Dance is a part of the life of human beings that cannot be taken away any longer. To others, it is their profession that they make it sure they learn new steps and practice all the time to be always […]

Ballroom dancing: The tips on how to master it

Ballroom dancing is widely known and many nationalities dance this genre of dance. Many people come to learn and master it. They do not have any problem dancing it at any time. Ballroom dancing leads you to realization. Many of the benefits of dancing are given by performing it so they just go and perform. […]